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Conversion rate optimization

Getting a lot of visitors to your webstore but wondering why so few of them actually convert to a buying customer? An outsourced analysis and a testing process might be just what you need.


Conversion rate optimization process

Conversion optimisation is never a one-time action but rather an ongoing process. It helps you reach the full potential of all your website visitors, who are close to converting to a buying customer. I use elements of service design and web design in my conversion optimization process.


1. Setting up micro and macro conversion targets.

Buying a product is the final conversion, sure. But there’s a lot that happens before it. Visiting a product page, adding a product to the cart or filling in payment details, just to name a few.


2. Records, heatmaps and questionnaires

Do you know where are the main obstacles for conversion in your webstore? After we’ve recorded how the website visitors browse your webstore, what they click and what’s their overall impression about your website, we are a lot wiser.


3. Analysis, conclusion and hypotheses

This is where I present you my findings. Be prepared for surprises.  This is when we look at the results and discuss our findings. Is there some crucial information missing? Do visitors end up in a sudden 404 page and leave for good? Is there too many pages to click through and the visitors simply lose their interest and drop off?


4. A/B tests

Now it’s time to test our hypotheses against the original variant and see, which one increases the conversion metrics.


5. New analysis and plan for further tests

After the best performing variants have been taken in use,  we have a lot of new ideas on what to test. It’s time to start an ongoing test and analysis process, where we continue fine tuning the webstore for better conversions.



Conversion optimization tools I use

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Optimize
  • Visual Website optimizer
  • Hotjar


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