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My services:  paid (SEM, Google Ads) and organic (SEO) search engine visibility delevopment for ecommerce sites. 

My customers:ovat eCommerce site owners, media agencies, advertising agencies. 

Laskutan työstä verkkolaskulla 14 vrk maksuajalla projektien tai työnsuorituskuukauden päätyttyä. Laskuihin lisätään ALV 24%.

Experience since 2008

I have 13 years of SEO experience. My track record in Google Ads (Google Adwords) is 7 years. I’ve been a side huslter since 2007 and a full time business woman since 2020.

My previous work places include for instance Vistaprint Barcelona, MTV (previously a part of Bonnier), swiss photo poruct company Ifolor and fabric company Eurokangas.

See my full work experience in LinkedIn.

seo strategy 100%
Google Ads 100%
seo content 90%
tehcnical seo guidance 85%
link building 80%

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